CD Autostart Creator 2.1

CD Autostart Creator 2.1: This software lets you equip CDs with an autostart feature in just seconds Autostart Creator has an easy to use interface and lets you create and distribute CDs with an autostart feature in just seconds. Simply enter the name of the file on CD that shall be executed and the software automatically creates the autostart files: autorun.inf and either a 16-bit exe file (only 3.6k) or a 32-bit exe file (only 17.9k). In addition you can customize version information and use your own 32x32 16-color icon with your CD autostart

GSA Autostart Cleaner 2.40: Clean up all your autostart places and context menus and make your PC faster.
GSA Autostart Cleaner 2.40

Autostart Cleaner you can. It will search all places in your operation system where applications leave their autostart entries (registry, ini-files, bat-files, autostart-menus,...). Then you can choose if one is really needed or if it can be deleted. This speeds up the whole boot process and finally resulting in a more stable system. Autostart Cleaner finally makes it easy for everyone to clean up his PC. In addition you can also clean the unwanted

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ExeMaster 1.0: ExeMaster - choose phone applications to launch automatically.
ExeMaster 1.0

autostart for each application, you are using everyday and when next time you will need to restart your phone, all needed software will be started up on the phones boot. Main functionality: * specify application to autostart with operating system load; * specify type of autostart for each application; * Indicate parameters for program loading process; * On-the-fly localization switch; * Handy and useful management of the application list; * User

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JsAutoStart Pro 1.40

JsAutoStart Pro The simple way to control your programs ex. at system startup. You can control the sequence of starting programs with many properties like priority or run mode and control their behavior. File management functions available.

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Autostart and Process Viewer 1.41: Be notified about new programs in autostart and about new processes appearing.
Autostart and Process Viewer 1.41

Gives you a control over applications which start with Windows, and shows which processes are running on your computer. But the most important thing is that this program helps you find out which processes and autostart entries are new. You can "accept" a process or a program starting with windows, and if a new ("unaccepted") item appears - the program tells you about it.

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CDMenu 2.40.02: Create a professional CD-ROM autoplay / autorun start menu using CDMenu.
CDMenu 2.40.02

Create a professional CD-ROM autoplay / autorun start menu using CDMenu. The Menu Editor makes creation of the menu window easy. Equally simple is the definition of all window menu and button attributes, including background, sound and text objects. Launching files (HTML, PPT, PPS, XLS, DOC, TXT,...) or programs is made child`s play. CDMenuPro generates all files required for autostart (Autorun.inf).

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WinLube 2.03: Tune, clean and optimize Windows Vista and Windows 7 with WinLube
WinLube 2.03

Autostart and new programs can be added. Additionally, the Windows services can be managed to customize the Windows configuration. A new feature compares all programs in Autostart and all services with an online database and gives recommendations whether a program should stay enabled or be disabled. - Instant Tuning for fully automatic system optimization - Cleanup harddrive - Cleanup registry - Free memory - Optimize booting - Manage autostart -

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